Tracy Muir
Executive Career Consultant

I have been developing individuals for over 25 years, either through facilitation of workshops or coaching.


I am a qualified business psychologist, Insights Discovery practitioner and trained to Level B in Psychometric testing. My work involves working with individuals, teams and organisations to enhance and improve effectiveness and competitiveness at all levels by maximising performance.


I regularly coach teams and individuals on a variety of topics and increasingly on career progression, so I was delighted when asked to join Appleby Associates as an Executive Career Consultant.


I have worked with individuals from a variety of backgrounds in the private, public and charitable sectors, and with individuals at all levels within the organisation.


Most recently my work has involved coaching individuals at senior director level, looking at how they can raise their profile by building more effective relationships and strengthen their communication skills both written and face to face to move forward with their next career move.


I really enjoy supporting individuals with their personal development and seeing the successes they achieve. I provide that extra support when life doesn’t move in the direction they had hoped and they need to refocus and remain positive to keep moving forward. To be part of an individual’s career journey is very special and I love to hear how people I have worked with have progressed into new roles, moved into new organisations and started education programmes to provide them with the skills and knowledge required to enter a whole new world of work!


I am a coach who likes results and will keep those I coach focused and on track, challenging them when necessary to explore ideas further and to look at ideas from a different angle – my passion is to ensure that my coaching makes a difference and leads to the desired result.