Selling Yourself


The Interview step will provide you with the necessary preparation and techniques to enable you to successfully manage referral meetings, interviews and salary negotiations.

You will learn how to set up and effectively manage referral meetings. This will ensure that you make the most of the opportunity to identify problems you can solve, additional capabilities you can bring or other people who would be useful to meet.

Your consultant will discuss with you the messages that you will need to deliver in a range of face to face situations including final interviews and offer meetings, thereby increasing your personal impact, credibility and fit.

You will develop the mind-set required to perform well in interviews so that you can answer any awkward, sensitive or challenging questions and have the confidence to ask and challenge questions.

You will learn effective approaches to salary negotiation that will enable you to secure the best package and simultaneously demonstrate your negotiation skills. You will understand how to get your brand and message across through a combination of role play and practice. In short you will learn by doing.

Having a deeper understanding of the referral meeting, the interview and salary negotiation together with the use of the additional tools and techniques that you will have developed, you will learn how to present yourself as the preferred candidate in a compelling and persuasive manner.

Your consultant will also advise you on personal presentation, the power of non-verbal communication and highlight the dos and don’ts of referral meeting management and successful interviewing.

We follow a proven methodology with flexibility built in, and we’ll work with you to ensure that the programme you get is the one that really meets your particular needs.
You will be supported throughout by a professional career consultant who will have sufficient time and flexibility to tailor the programme to your individual needs, situation and time-scales.
Throughout the programme our resource centre will be your online toolkit to help you move towards your goals. The resource centre is your personal portal where you will access programme content, keep in contact with your consultant and get access to advice, premium databases and recommended sites.

Case Study

Traditional Outplacement

The Circumstances

Neil was a Divisional Financial Director of a FTSE 100 company when corporate restructuring made his position redundant. His redundancy package included a traditional executive outplacement. However, after the programme had finished Neil seemed no further forward.


The issues

The meetings he had with the counsellor were well meaning but not challenging or productive and the seminars were uninspiring. Neil wanted to choose who he would work with and how.


The outcome

Upon meeting Robert, Neil found the personal chemistry was good so Neil was re-energised. The intensive work, particularly on interview techniques, soon paid off and Neil accepted an offer with a well funded start-up.


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