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In 2017 staying ahead of the competition is more challenging than ever. With websites and social media at every novice’s disposal, finding people who can help professionals in their career search might seem an easy job.


However, in certain situations, this can be a double edged sword, particularly where the individual searching doesn’t want to advertise that they are looking to make a move. This is especially the case where an existing professional or “client provider” relationship is involved.


Many organisations use head-hunters for this specific reason, we use the same principle but apply it to the benefit of our clients by acting as a professional facilitator.

One of the hardest things to do is to make a cold call. Typically Executives are not used to making an approach, they are the ones being approached and so making a call to sell their skills can be a daunting prospect.


By using our Executive Search service clients avoid hearing “no” and aren’t left with the nagging feeling of what they could have done better. We protect our clients by making the introduction as Appleby Associates. Only when the targeted individual or organisation is prepared for a conversation do we hand over to our clients.


We recommend that the Executive Search service is only one aspect of an integrated campaign. When choosing individuals or organisations to approach, you must also consider your abilities, skills and experience in order to ensure that you are seen as relevant and of potential interest to them as a product.

Mission accomplished! I'm now a week into my role. The extra assistance provided helped me view my career in an entirely new and positive light and certainly assisted in finding my new position.

Our Executive Search can help by:


  • Identifying and researching people of interest whilst maintaining client confidentiality
  • Testing the market and appetite of specific organisations against a client’s skill set
  • Targeting specific individuals within organisations
  • Making informal introductions which can then be developed by the client
  • Providing a kick start and impetus to a search campaign
  • Delivering qualified contacts, thereby removing the need and stress for a client to make cold calls or approaches



Clients of the Executive Search receive a ‘Search Report’ organised into three sections:


  • A database of contacts with relevant email address and contact numbers*
  • A log of all contacts made with date, time, duration and outcome
  • Recommendations for future contact strategy

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