– Executive Career Management –

How an individual conducts themselves in the first few months of a new role is critical. This period can have a huge impact on how an executive is perceived by others, who can have an influence on their long term success.


Managing the balance between delivering in the role quickly, to prove the merit of your hire, against long term strategic decisions can be a challenge, especially the more senior the position is.


Knowing who to ask, what to ask and when, without communicating an image of uncertainty and weakness is vital. Professionals use us as a sounding board for impartial and objective advice, and to challenge them on their thinking.


By utilising our career management service, clients are able to discuss options and create action plans that they can implement, enabling them to move forward with greater confidence and conviction.


Our Executive Career Management Programmes can help by:

  • 1


    Identifying key milestones within the role

  • 2


    Testing strategies and hypotheses and facilitating thought processes

  • 3


    Establishing personal and professional KPI’s

  • 4

    Action Plans

    Developing 1, 3 and 6 month integrated action plans

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Clients using our career management programme receive:

  • A dedicated professional to support them for the duration of the programme.
  • A series* of 1:1 sessions each lasting an hour to an hour and a half with as much email and telephone support as necessary.
  • Full access to our Career Management Resource Centre (CMRC) to support you in the development of your career.


* number of sessions will be dependent on programme duration

I am now on a 6 month interim contract as change consultant managing a politically sensitive project to in-source an externally provided service. Your work certainly helped me get my career history in order and helped me market me!