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Our marketing programme will provide you with the necessary marketing materials designed to support your career search objective, demonstrate your skills as a “product” and market you and your capabilities as an individual.

Marketing yourself effectively is critical. Your set of written marketing materials will include an impressive LinkedIn and capability profile, a compelling CV and / or biography (whichever is most appropriate to your situation and objective) that makes you stand out from the crowd.

You will then learn more productive ways to respond to job advertisements; identify the right head- hunters and recruiters and directly approach selected organisations. You will also be provided with guidance on raising your profile via social media.

Together with your consultant you will examine the four routes to market with particular emphasis to those routes that are most relevant to your specific situation and objective. You will gain a greater understanding of how the market and expectations of employers has changed and what you can do to influence it.

You will acquire techniques that will ensure that your responses to press and online advertised positions are more effective and how to access the informal/unadvertised market, which is where around two-thirds of senior level opportunities are to be found. You will gain additional insight into the way in which head-hunters and recruiters operate and make them keen to take you on.

You will develop effective networking techniques that will allow you to confidently extend your current network and develop new networks. Your consultant will explain the dos and don’ts of productive networking and how to maintain your reputation on social media channels.

We follow a proven methodology with flexibility built in, and we’ll work with you to ensure that the programme you get is the one that really meets your particular needs.
You will be supported throughout by a professional career consultant who will have sufficient time and flexibility to tailor the programme to your individual needs, situation and time-scales.
Throughout the programme our resource centre will be your online toolkit to help you move towards your goals. The resource centre is your personal portal where you will access programme content, keep in contact with your consultant and get access to advice, premium databases and recommended sites.

Case Study

Changing Sectors

The Circumstances

Kate was a very successful head of corporate fund-raising for a well-known charity. At the age of 30 she decided she wanted to move into the private sector but found her main difficulty was that all her work experience had been in not-for-profit organisations.


The issues

  • Kate was having no success responding to advertisements
  • Recruiters did not seem to be interested
  • She did not really know what she needed to do to change sectors


The outcome

Our consultant started with her natural abilities as a fundraiser and her work-related aspirations, then helped her explore different avenues and ideas. As a direct result, she was able to secure a corporate account sales role with a large software company and her income has more than doubled.


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