The Complete Programme


Our executive career management programme is designed for individuals looking for the specialist advice and support required to take their career to the next level.

Complete Programme Overview

It starts with a meeting where we find out about you, what you’re looking for and how we can help.

By the end of that meeting, you will have the answer to three key questions:

  • Is this something you need to do?
  • Is this something you really want to do?
  • Do you want to do it with us?

What follows will be a series of in-depth 1-1½ hour sessions of discussion and analysis.

We follow a proven 4-step methodology. Flexibility is built in, and we’ll work with you to ensure that the programme you get is the one that really meets your particular needs.

At the end of your programme you will:

  • Be confident of your next career move and how it fits into your long term strategy

  • Have a portfolio of marketing messages and know how to use them

  • Understand how the routes to market work and which ones you need to take

  • Be able to sell yourself and know how to effectively manage your search

“I wanted to say thank you for your help with my negotiation a while back. I had a good chat with the guys and got the salary I wanted plus the 25% share of profits so am excited about starting there.”

    The Four Stages


    The Complete programme starts with the focus stage where we work with you to identify your next role. We’ll help you clarify what you need from your career and what you have to offer a potential employer, in short, what makes you marketable.

    The more you understand about yourself, the better your decisions will be and the more effectively you will be able to implement those decisions. An optional Myers-Briggs assessment is also available which will help you understand your personality preferences more clearly and how those relate to specific career options.

    Building on the assessment work you will then explore different career options. Your consultant will help you evaluate the results so you can identify the most appealing and viable option which will become your career search objective.


    The second step is where we help you to stand out from the competition, i.e. marketing.

    Your consultant will work with you to build the necessary marketing materials including an impressive LinkedIn and capability profile, a compelling CV or biography, (whichever is most appropriate); all designed to support your career search objective, demonstrate your skills and prove your capabilities.

    You will then learn more productive ways to:

    • Respond to job advertisements
    • Identify the right head-hunters and recruiters
    • Directly approach selected organisations *
    • Extend and develop your network *
    • Increase your profile whilst maintaining your reputation via social media

    * Target direct approaches and effective networking will give you access to the informal or unadvertised market where 60% to 70% of senior level opportunities are to be found.


    Step 3 is interviewing, where we show you how to deliver compelling messages.

    Your consultant will provide you with the necessary preparation and techniques to enable you to successfully manage interviews and salary negotiations. We’ll cover responses to those awkward or sensitive questions you may be asked.

    We will work with you to increase your level of personal impact and credibility at referral meetings and interviews through role play and practice. You will learn to project what you have to offer calmly and with confidence.


    The final step is Campaign. This is where the preparation is put into action; we will help you design and launch your campaign plan consisting of but not restricted to:

    • Identification of organisations with background information on the key people that you might want to approach
    • Planning an integrated and effective strategy to the ‘four routes to market’
    • Reviewing your approach including, tone, delivery style, content and message to give you the best chance of getting in front of the right people
    • Providing information on how to set up alerts and feeds, so that you are kept informed of roles and positions that meet your Career Search Objective

    This is followed by up to 9 months’ support via email, over the phone and through progress review meetings to provide you with advice, feedback and tactical input to keep you on track.

    Executive Search

    Clients have the option of integrating executive search into their campaign.

    The search process will help with:

    • Identifying and researching people of interest whilst maintaining client confidentiality
    • Testing the market and appetite of specific organisations against a client’s skill set
    • Targeting specific individuals within organisations
    • Making informal introductions which can then be developed by the client
    • Providing a kick start and impetus to a search campaign
    • Delivering qualified contacts, thereby removing the need and stress for a client to make cold calls or approaches

    At the end of the search you will be provided with a report including:

    • A database of contacts with relevant email addresses and contact numbers
    • A log of all contacts made with date, time, duration and outcome
    • Recommendations for future contact strategy


    Clients have the option of integrating Onboarding into their campaign.

    When you have secured your new position your consultant will act as a sounding board or mentor in those early weeks to ensure you make an effective transition to your new role. How an individual conducts themselves in the first few months of a new role is critical. This period can have a huge impact on how an executive is perceived by others who can have an influence on their long term success.



    Clients have the option of integrating Professional Research into their campaign.

    To be successful in the market place you need to be relevant and timely to any organisation that you approach. You also need to be effective in who you target and demonstrate a competitive edge over the competition. Our professional research solution will help you gain the insights you need to approach your job hunt with confidence, allowing you to concentrate on areas where you know you can be more productive.

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