The purpose of a Curriculum Vitae is to highlight your value to a potential employer. It is not to get you an executive job but to secure a face-to-face meeting. It is a marketing or product brochure.


This means that it must be:

  • 1


    Visually appealing and easy to read

  • 2


    Written in business language

  • 3


    A clear and accurate picture of your capabilities

  • 4


    Why the reader should meet you

GET the cv that will work for you

Whilst important, your CV is only one element or tool that you need, and depending on the situation, it may not always be the most effective marketing document to use. When updating your CV you must also consider other platforms such as LinkedIn etc. to ensure that your messaging is integrated and consistent.


Our CV construction service consists of:

  • In depth analysis of your career experience to establish key skills and competencies
  • Research of sector and business functions to identify keywords and themes
  • Explanation of methodology and rationale for topic inclusion
  • CV – first draft for review
  • CV – second draft for client review
  • CV – final version supplied in PDF and word format

I am now on a 6 month interim contract as change consultant managing a politically sensitive project to in-source an externally provided service. Your work certainly helped me get my career history in order and helped me market me!

The CV service is carried out by an experienced career professional who has the time, flexibility and objectivity to produce a document that you are happy with but crucially supports your career search objective.

They will also explain how you can then bring that information to life in an interview situation to further demonstrate your abilities as a product but also as a person to give you the best chance of securing the position.