Identifying your next move


We will help you clarify what you need from your career and what you have to offer a potential employer, in short, what makes you marketable.

You will complete a series of written exercises designed to draw out what is important to you as an individual and highlight specifically what you have to offer a potential employer. Your consultant will review your responses and discuss them with you.

You will then complete a transferable skills analysis to identify those skills that you particularly enjoy using and use well. In addition, you will develop the tangible evidence to prove those skills.
An optional Myers-Briggs assessment conducted by a qualified and registered Myers-Briggs practitioner is also included. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator will help you understand your personality preferences more clearly and how those relate to specific career options.
Building on the assessment work you will then explore different career options. Your consultant will help you to evaluate the alternatives so you can identify the most appealing and viable option which will become your career search objective.

You will develop a long list of options where the criterion is purely “appeal”. Your consultant will provide you with details of tools to help you build your long list. Together with your consultant you will review your long list.

Your consultant will provide you with challenging feedback and input so that you are able to confidently reduce the list to a short list of options that are both “appealing” and “viable”. Your consultant will then help you to evaluate your short list so you can identify the career option that best meets your needs and aspirations and which you believe is achievable.

The option you select will become your career search objective. In short, you will have determined where you want to take your career and why you want to go there with greater confidence and certainty.

We follow a proven methodology with flexibility built in, and we’ll work with you to ensure that the programme you get is the one that really meets your particular needs.
You will be supported throughout by a professional career consultant who will have sufficient time and flexibility to tailor the programme to your individual needs, situation and time-scales.
Throughout the programme our resource centre will be your online toolkit to help you move towards your goals. The resource centre is your personal portal where you will access programme content, keep in contact with your consultant and get access to advice, premium databases and recommended sites.

Case Study

Poor work/life balance

The circumstances

Working for a highly respected management consultancy, the nights away and long hours were taking their toll, and William wasn’t seeing enough of his family. He wanted to leave the firm and do something that would provide a better balance between his work and private life.

The issues

Management consultancy was all William knew
He didn’t know what else he could do
He didn’t know what he wanted to do

The outcome

After working through a tailored programme. He secured several offers and accepted a senior marketing position with an innovative and successful retailer that would still provide the challenge but a much better work/life balance.


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