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Our underpinning values, personal approach and narrower focus means that we are ideally placed to provide a more personal and flexible executive outplacement service and support.


The major corporate outplacement companies are good at providing standardised services to large numbers of employees. However, they may not always be best equipped to provide a service which is absolutely tailored to the needs, aspirations and circumstances of the individual concerned.

We follow a proven 4-step methodology. Flexibility is built in, and we’ll work with the individual to ensure that they are able to compete in the market place with a confident and effective approach supported throughout by a personal career consultant.

The process involves:

  • A comprehensive diagnosis of the individual, their situation, needs and aspirations leading to the establishment of clear goals.
  • Development of a wide range of powerful marketing materials.
  • Networking know-how and head-hunter management.
  • Thorough interview preparation and practice including salary negotiation skills.
  • Regular review meetings as well as proactive support during the job search itself.




Throughout the programme our resource centre will be your online toolkit to help you move towards your goals. The resource centre is your personal portal where you will access programme content, keep in contact with your consultant and get access to advice, premium databases and recommended sites.

    The Four Stages

    The complete guide will enable an individual to identify a clear career objective and then equip them with the necessary marketing materials, interviewing techniques and campaign tools to subsequently achieve their career objective.

    They will be supported throughout by a professional career consultant who will have sufficient time and flexibility to tailor each stage to their individual needs, situation and time-scales.


    We will help the individual clarify what they need from their career and what they have to offer a potential employer, in short, what makes them marketable.

    Building on the assessment work they will then explore different career options. Their consultant will help them to evaluate the different options so they can identify the most appealing and viable option which will become their career search objective.


    We will provide the individual with the necessary marketing materials designed to support their career search objective, demonstrate their skills and prove their capabilities.

    They will then learn more productive ways to respond to job advertisements; identify the right head-hunters and recruiters, directly approach selected organisations, extend and develop their network plus tips and guidance on increasing their profile whilst maintaining their reputation on social media channels.


    We will work with the individual to ensure that they have the necessary preparation and techniques to enable them to successfully manage referral meetings, interviews and salary negotiations. Included will be responses to those awkward or sensitive questions they may be asked.

    They will increase their levels of personal impact and credibility at referral meetings and interviews through role play and practice. They will learn to project what they have to offer calmly and with confidence.


    We will help the individual prepare and launch their career search campaign plan with support in person, via email and over the phone plus regular progress review meetings providing advice, feedback and tactical input.

    When they have secured their new position their career consultant will be available as a sounding board or mentor in those early weeks to ensure they make an effective transition to their new role.


    Our range of outplacement career management services are designed to offer flexibility. An individual or organisation can select an inclusive programme; an individual step; a combination of steps; or they can engage us by the hour for specific advice and assistance.

    Our service fits around them. It’s their career, after all.

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