Professional holding a frosted glass tablet

I read an article recently about how a third of workers would consider leaving their job due to poor workplace wellbeing and it got me thinking that often when I meet a client for the first time and ask them “If I were a recruiter or head-hunter and asked you what are you looking for, what would you say?”

95% say what they want. A role that is going to engage me, challenge me, allow me to develop. Not what they can offer.

If you are one of the third of people who are deciding to look elsewhere because you don’t feel cared for by your organisation, make sure that before you start sending out applications and talking to recruiters you have translated your personal needs into a product that clearly articulates the benefits that you can offer to an organisation.

Whilst it may sound callous, organisations do not hire people because they want to, they do it to address a specific business need. Only when that aspect has been met will they consider the individual in terms of personal development, remuneration etc.

The successful movers are those that are able to make that translation, both written and verbally. They become effective at communicating the value they bring and why they should be hired, whilst being true to their own values and motivations – in short the total package.