Marcus Alexander
Managing Director & Executive Career Consultant

I first became involved with Appleby Associates as a client when, having spent 17 years in the corporate health and fitness market, I wanted to take my career in a different direction. Working through the Appleby programme confirmed my strengths lay in working one to one with individuals in a coaching and mentoring capacity.


I joined Appleby Associates as an Executive Career Consultant covering the London area and had the privilege of being mentored by Peter Appleby, the founder. In 2010 I became Managing Director when I also bought the Company.


My vision for Appleby Associates is simple – to be the best career consultancy in the UK. Therefore I constantly challenge myself to improve the product offering to professionals who expect a level of excellence.


We operate in a very competitive market; our clients have made a conscious decision to work with Appleby Associates because of our unique approach and our reputation is built on that. We don’t have sales teams for that very reason.


We are experts who have the time, knowledge and flexibility to consistently deliver exceptionally high levels of service, guidance and advice tailored to our clients’ needs and we are totally accountable to them.


Having the opportunity to become a trusted confidante is a privilege. I have built long standing relationships with many of my clients and some are now close friends.


I continue to gain immense satisfaction from working with clients both in the UK and internationally. For some the outcome will be a complete career change whilst for others it’s about driving their careers forward in order that they realise their full potential.