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Since Appleby Associates was established in 2003, we have witnessed breakthroughs in science and technology, the collapse of global institutions, an explosion of online companies, social media and the merge of physical and digital technologies (what the experts call the Fourth Industrial Revolution).

The employment landscape is an uncertain one and with that there is a high probability that your current role will not be the same in 12 months’ time let alone in 5 years. The question is, what can you do to ensure that wherever possible you don’t hit a career dead end. Research suggests that there are several actions any individual can take to future proof their career – all have one common theme – it requires the individual to fundamentally invest in themselves.

So, over the coming months we will be exploring strategies that you could put in place to ensure that your career prospects don’t stagnate.


Expand beyond your geographic location

Today it is much easier to keep in contact globally, so take advantage to become more culturally aware and of potential interest to international recruiters.

Know your industry trends

Knowing what your industry’s future looks like will allow you to decide if and when to change and how big or radical the change needs to be.

Expand and hone your skillset

The acquisition and development of new skills, especially those that are in demand, will allow you to remain relevant and useful to your company and in the wider market.

Consider your digital footprint

If checking what has been posted about you on the internet throws up some unfavourable links, you can now do something about it to create a more positive footprint.

Become tech-savvy instead of tech-averse

Knowing how the latest technology can help you now will not only make your job easier, it will also make it more secure.

Develop your soft skills

Despite the advances of technology, there is still going to be a need for people who can lead, communicate and collaborate, those that are good will be in high demand.

Adopt a “change is inevitable” mindset

Businesses cannot afford to stand still, they will experiment and try new strategies, so will want employees who are open minded and able to change.

Keep a diligent inventory of your accomplishments

Keeping an up to date record of what you have delivered on, no matter how small, will make it easier for you to sell yourself to others re the difference you can make.

Keep a clear and open career path

Be open to potential new job opportunities as it allows you to bench mark where you are and therefore prevents complacency setting in.

Continue to grow your network (the right way)

Building and maintaining relationships with your network as opposed to having lots of “contacts” will make it easier for you to find new opportunities if you are looking.


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