5 things you can do to keep up with industry trends

Knowing what your industry’s future looks like will allow you to decide if and when to change and how big or radical the change needs to be. Companies that consistently lead in their industry sectors are known to do things better, faster, more, and cheaper, so why not take a leaf out of their books by applying the same principles to your career. What can you do better, faster or more of? If you feel the answer to these questions are no because either a) you don’t want to, or b) you are not able to, then perhaps now is the time to make a career change or pivot into something else.


  1. Join an industry body

Are there any courses that you could attend if you are not too sure how to implement a trend? The big thing at the moment is AI, so if you don’t know enough about it and how it might impact your role, company or sector, the chances are that there will be people out there who can help and may have the industry knowledge to make it easier for you to get your head around. Don’t forget to look for other information in the form of periodicals, newsletters, working groups etc.


  1. Subscribe to business feeds

To keep yourself up to date and informed, ensure that you have set up news and social media feeds on key business areas, allowing you to notice trends that could impact your business.


  1. Attend industry events

Network within your sector/industry or domain and ask questions on who is doing what and why so that you can identify what the hot topics and issues are.


  1. Follow professional websites

Register with professional websites, influencers and publications that provide thought leadership in the areas of interest to you, so you get a heads up of what might be coming down the line.


  1. Schedule some time

To ensure that you make the time to do points 1 through to 9 on a regular basis, physically block off time in your diary as opposed to simply creating a task.


In a nutshell

Keeping pace with an ever-growing body of knowledge is a challenge for every professional, so a strategic approach to prioritising knowledge acquisition is necessary to avoid getting overwhelmed or distracted.

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