Head Office:  33 St.James’s Square, London SW1Y 4JS

Telephone:0800 009 6899

Who's a typical Appleby client?

Our core clients are senior managers, directors, executives and professionals. Generally they are aged 35 and above, are earning or used to earning salaries in excess of £75k and are looking to leverage their knowledge, skill and expertise into another role, sector or career.


The common denominator is that they take their careers seriously and recognise that to make the next move they could benefit from expert advice and support to help them navigate that journey.


They generally fall into 3 groups, the first are looking for a new direction but don’t know what careers or opportunities are out there. The second, are considering a couple of options but don’t know which one would be the best fit. The final group know what they are looking to do, but are struggling to create the strategy to make it happen. All are looking to make a change and know they need support to make it happen.