Jean-Louis Goedmakers

Executive Career Consultant

I have worked as a Director in executive search for the UK financial sector for almost two years. Before that I have worked in executive search for 8 years covering the Dutch financial sector and 23 years in different senior managing & commercial positions in the Dutch banking sector.


I have studied Economics in Amsterdam for three years before I started working in the Dutch financial sector. During my time as Managing Director Wholesale Banking at ING, I delivered an active contribution to talent & executive development as a mentor & coach. I have also been active as a coach & mentor for top talent with an international & diverse background in the financial sector.


My vision on Human Capital: My experience as a manager, mentor and coach in the financial sector, has convinced me of the key importance of mediating & coaching top talent for financial companies and act as a sparring partner for my clients. The business world is changing faster every day, the life cycle of products & services is becoming shorter and therefore companies need to reinvent themselves over and over again. In order for a company to do so, you need to attract, select, employ and retain agile top talent who complement each other and strengthen the company’s culture.


My vision on Modern & Successful Leadership: Regular self-analysis, by organizing regular 360 feedback (business and private), leads to better self-knowledge, self-confidence and more focus. With the purpose of continuously improving your performance & reputation as a leader and human being. This is only possible if you are willing to be vulnerable, ask open questions, listen sincerely to 360 feedback and change your behavior when needed (your capability & willingness to learn).


You must also be able to change your leadership style, to the needs of a specific company or economic situation, in order to survive as an effective & successful leader in the long term.