– FIRO-B –

FIRO B is an instrument that assesses our level of interpersonal need when interacting with others. Its usefulness lies in the way it helps us understand how our underlying needs drive the way in which we choose to communicate and behave with other people.


FIRO B helps raise our awareness of our levels of interpersonal need and offers insights into how and where conflict may arise and where our different interpersonal approaches may complement one another.


The impressions others have of us are dependent upon both our expressed and wanted behaviours. We create impressions by initiating and following through with behaviour in three areas:

  • 1


    The need to form new relations and the desire to associate with people

  • 2


    the extent of power or dominance a person seeks

  • 3


    this determines the extent of closeness and connections we seek

Discover your FIRO-B profile today

This powerful psychological instrument will provide an expanded understanding of your behaviour and the behaviour of others and will help to maximise the impact of your actions, recognise options for increasing job satisfaction and productivity and explore alternative ways to achieve your goals.


The Fibro-B assessment is conducted by a qualified and registered practitioner who will have the time and flexibility to help interpret the report, guide you on linking the report findings to your abilities, skills and interests, so that you understand your personality preferences more clearly, how these relate to specific career options and why.

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