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“Knowing your industry trends, how to keep pace without being overwhelmed”


Date: Thursday 27th June 2019

Location: 33 St. James’s Square, Mayfair


Join us for our third interactive career management workshop in our series “future proofing your career”.

We’re excited to welcome Omar Bashir, Associate Director of IHS Markit to lead the session as he shares his insights on how leaders can keep abreast of the trends that can impact their business.


At this event you will:

  • Evaluate different ways to determine new developments in the industry.
  • Discuss frameworks to prioritise and adopt relevant trends.
  • Walk through an exercise of prioritising technology adoption in the retail sector.


Event info:
Date: Thursday 27th June 2019
Time: 12:00 – 14:00
Venue: 33 St. James’s Square, London SW1Y 4JS
Cost: £20 (light lunch included)

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Previous Events

“Future proofing your career” Learning from Leaders


Date: Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Location: 33 St. James’s Square, Mayfair


At this event join Katherine Barton, Director of Barton Insights and Simon Watt, an International HR Director as they share their insights for securing and managing international roles.


In this interactive session they will:

  • Get you thinking beyond the practicalities of a relocation – what else do you need to consider to ensure a successful international assignment?
  • How you can ensure the success of an international assignment once you have secured a post
  • Share some practical tips for making a successful transition from a cultural, personal and professional perspective

The importance of self-knowledge and focus in career transition


Date: Wednesday 27th March 2019

Location: 33 St. James’s Square, Mayfair


Based on feedback received we are introducing a new service offering in the form of an interactive Career Management Workshop, the first looking at “The importance of self-knowledge and focus in career transition”


The service is aimed at senior managers, directors and professionals, who want to step up and take on more responsibility or authority, potentially in a new role, sector or company.

Appleby Associates Seminar & Networking Event


Date: Thursday 12th May 2016

Location: One George Street, Westminster, London


‘The use of Psychometric Tools in Business’
John Hackston, Head of Research at OPP, presented OPP’s range of psychometric instruments.


‘Neuro Linguistic Psychology & the Power of Tackling Limiting Beliefs in your Career’
Prakash Mani is a qualified NLP practitioner and an associate of Appleby. Prakash talked about ‘Limiting Beliefs’ and how we are at risk of leaving unfulfilled potential in our careers.


‘Are You in Control?’
Vanessa Jarrett spoke on exploring our interpersonal need for control, inclusion and affection. Vanessa shared her experience using the psychometric tool Firo-B to reveal behaviours that influence relationships.