The Programme covers:

  • Time management myths
  • Stress and health problems associated with poor time management
  • The difference between Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Types of time (‘Controlled’ time and ‘Response’ time)
  • The Art of Prioritising
  • The ‘Critical’ zone, ‘Planning’ zone, ‘Action’ zone and the ‘Ineffective’ zone
  • Personality traits that make time management difficult – and how to overcome them
  • Taking control of time
  • Assertiveness
  • Being proactive
  • Beginning with the end in mind
  • Top time management tips


This flexible programme is available for both individuals and teams and can be customised to provide a ‘best fit’ for industry sectors and/or according to individual or group needs.

Time Management

Managing your time is managing your life. Our programme will give you the understanding and tools to be more effective both at work and outside of work by becoming better at managing time.


We will focus on the practical application of proven time management principles and techniques:

  • To show you how you can use time management techniques to help you achieve your goals
  • To identify practical steps to overcome the most common time wasters and interruptions
  • To explore the barriers that may hinder your success in managing time effectively
  • To help you to focus on your personal and professional objectives
  • To consider the impact of personality on effective time management
  • To encourage you to think of tasks in terms of priority
  • To show how time management increases personal effectiveness

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