Mastering effective influencing skills opens doors to increased sales, interaction with influential groups of people and improved self-esteem.


Understanding and utilising the ‘Weapons of Influence’ helps with employee, customer and community relations and can lead to promotions, raises and positions that offer power and influence.
In sales and marketing, effective persuasion helps buyers feel more comfortable with their purchases and boosts sales.


This flexible programme will help you to increase your impact by showing you how to communicate with influence. It is available for both individuals and teams and can be customised to provide a ‘best fit’ for industry sectors and/or according to individual or group needs.

Influencing Skills

This programme will allow to you to build and extend your influence by drawing on Robert Cialdini’s methodology for mastering the art of persuasion. We will show you how to enhance your inter-personal effectiveness, by drawing on the proven techniques of persuasive influence.


Specifically, you will learn how to use the ‘Six Weapons of Influence’:

  • Reciprocity – We generally aim to return favours, pay back debts and treat others as they treat us.
  • Commitment – We have a deep desire to appear consistent, once we’ve committed to something, we’re then more inclined to go through with it.
  • Social Proof – This principle relies on people’s sense of ‘safety in numbers’.
  • Liking – People are more likely to ‘buy-into’ the ideas of people they know and respect.
  • Authority – We feel a sense of duty or obligation to people in positions of authority.
  • Scarcity – This principle says that things are more attractive when their availability is limited.

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