Our Team Building programme will help you develop effective techniques that will allow you to build fully-functioning teams. By the end of the programme, you will have learnt:

  • How to identify The 4 Life Positions and how they are expressed in teams.
  • How to recognise and work with Parent, Adult & Child Ego States to build teams.
  • How to diagnose your team’s ‘Stroke Economy’ and how to foster Positive ‘Patterns’.
  • The importance of bringing compulsive ‘driver’ behaviours under conscious control.
  • How to recognise Winners, Losers and Non-Winners in Teams – and to create opportunities for all team members to be Winners.
  • The blocks to effective team behaviour: The Vulnerability Quotient (VQ).
  • The role played by Transference and Counter-transference in team dynamics.
  • How to work successfully with ‘Primal Wounds’.
  • How to deal with ‘Game-Playing’ in teams.
  • How to identify when team members are occupying the roles of Victim, Persecutor & Rescuer and how to encourage more autonomous behaviour.

Team Building

Having the insight, knowledge and skills to build effective teams is a core requirement of all leaders. Fully-functioning teams are characterised by high morale and productivity; senses of accomplishment, a desire to complete challenging tasks, solve problems and communicate openly.


Strong teams lead to major gains for all businesses, by allowing individuals to better combine their skills to achieve more and to respond quickly to rapid change. This programme will show you how to generate a sense of involvement and belonging; empowering teams to become mission focused.


This flexible programme is available for both individuals and teams and can be customised to provide a ‘best fit’ for industry sectors and/or according to individual or group needs.

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