The programme contents include:

  • A planning framework underpinned by a clear link to business strategy.
  • Identification of high potential managers, allowing organisations to develop those who are critical to their future.
  • An audit of the organisation’s management strengths and weaknesses against current and future needs.
  • Identification of risks resulting from capability gaps at an organisational level.
  • Development of skills criteria based on a consistent set of standards.


Our programme is flexible to the needs of your organisation, whether that is through discussion and coaching, or through performance review process and/or the assessment of competencies.


Succession planning is normally used to ensure transition between senior managers, directors and the C-Suite. We typically support organisations to manage the top two or three levels of management, meaning that even in large organisations, the focus is limited to a specific cohort where the greatest return on investment will be realised.

Succession Planning

An organisation that develops the best employees from its pool will give itself an edge over the competition. At Appleby Associates we see Succession Planning and Talent Management as the same challenge.


Our programme is designed to help your organisation manage the transition of leadership without losing a step, through identification, development and retention of individuals who are of particular value to your organisation.


Ultimately, organisational success is the most effective evaluation of talent management.


We will work with you to identify and develop future leaders or senior managers, as well as individuals to fill business-critical positions, either in the short or long term. Our Succession Planning programme is based around integrating coaching and joint working with local management support.

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